New Era for Cellar Vie!

   Welcome to a new era in Cellar Vie’s existence! We have been madly working away, behind the scenes, setting up our brand new website, where you will be able to come to when you are looking for extraordinary products that you won’t find at your normal, run-of-the-mill suburban liquor store.
         If you’re not aware by now, the wine & liquor world has been transformed in recent years in Australia, with the dominance of the major supermarket chains, how they've moved into retail liquor sales & also how the independent retailers have responded to this phenomenon. Some threw the towel in & got out, but many independents joined large buying groups that have set themselves up in direct opposition to “the majors”, which has resulted in many of the same old mass-produced wines being undercut by one & all, subsequently shrinking product ranges, with relationships being formed between retailers & the major producers, with no room & very little interest for the wonderful small producers turning out quality hand crafted wines, spirits, beers & ciders.
         That’s where we enter the game; over the last 25 odd years we have been forging relationships & friendships with quality, smaller producers & have developed our own philosophy towards business, along similar lines to the producers we now deal with on a regular basis. We love what we do, we love the products we deal with, we mostly love the producers we deal with & we also love how they treat the land they nurture, sow & from where they reap the benefits.
         Customer service & product knowledge is at the core of our business, we will always endeavour to provide the best, friendliest & most efficient service to all of our customers, so please go to or drop us an email at or if that’s not your go, feel free to pick up the old telephone to speak in person to me, Barry Joseph or one of our team, Phil, Lindy, Ian or Steve, who will be happy to handle any enquiry or get back to you ASAP with an answer for you.

All the very best,
Cellar Vie - Licensee/Manager